Who I Am

Smiling before the MS 150

The latest hobby is biking, but I've been known to write music, play video games, and spend time with my family!

My wife is very beautiful.

I'd be lost without my beautiful wife!

She smiles at us

Be careful if you ask to see pictures, as I am a proud "Dee" and it shows.

Standing by a rock

In 2013, I biked the entire Katy Trail from start to finish with a friend.

Reclining in snow

Sometimes I've been known to do crazy things for a free lunch (the book is Freakonomics)!

Toby wakes her up

And for good measure, here's a photo of our cat waking up our three-year-old.

What I'm thinking about

"In war you needed to have the man decent, patriotic, but, no matter how patriotic he was, if he ran away he was no good. So it is in citizenship; the virtue that stays at home in its own parlor and bemoans the wickedness of the outside world is of scant use to the community." Theodore Roosevelt
"He who goes through life prosperous, and comes to his grave without a wrinkle, is not half a man. Difficulties are God's errands and trainers, and only through them can one come to fullness of manhood." Henry Ward Beecher
"I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it." Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet